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2 in 1  Incense sticks - Aggarbati (pack of 6 boxes)
2 in 1 Incense sticks - Aggarbati (pack of 6 boxes) Rs.450
/products/2-in-1-incense-sticks 2 in 1 Incense sticks - Aggarbati (pack of 6 boxes) Rs.450

2 in 1  Aggarbati - Incense Sticks - (18 sticks per box)- SAC

- Aggarbati

- Strong Fragrance

- Incense Sticks - high quality, strong sticks

- 6 boxes (18 sticks per box)

- a Product of SAC; S-Amden Group of Companies -Est 1948

Creativity is the essence of our Bussines*SAC has the ability to see beyond tha horizon and create tommorow's trends today.Our Creatives skills are what set SAC apart from others.We place all of our creative,scientific and technical know-how at the service of our customers who we.We engage through Commitment to Discover,Fullfill our customers's needs,Delivery on Time.

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4 Dozen in 1 Pack
4 Dozen in 1 Pack Rs.3,800
/products/4-dozen-in-1-pack 4 Dozen in 1 Pack Rs.3,800

This convenient pack contains 4 dozen items, including kewra, biryani, and vanilla essence flavors, as well as a 100 gm sachet of chicken powder. Perfect for adding variety and flavor to your dishes.

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Achar Essence Flavor - 25ml
Achar Essence Flavor - 25ml Rs.120
/products/kulfa-3 Achar Essence Flavor - 25ml Rs.120

Achar essence of the highest quality is purchased online at SAC-Amdem, your one-stop shop. We have a wide selection of sour, hot, and tasty pickle essences that will enhance the flavors of your meal. Our genuine South Asian flavors are the ideal fusion of potent flavors and aromatic spices.

We give our customers the best achar essence prepared with natural, fresh ingredients chosen carefully for the best flavor and quality. Our achar essences are ideal for regular recipes with a hint of South Asian flavor.

Your buying experience on our website is simple and convenient as possible. Go for a flavor from our selection of achar essences, place your purchase, and it will be delivered right to your door in no time. To make sure your buying experience is safe and pleasurable.

We work dedicatedly to our customer satisfaction and take pride in customer service. Shop now and only at SAC-Amdem to learn about the best achar essence flavors available online.

Q. What is an achar essence, exactly?

A: Achar essence is a concentrated liquid ingredient used in South Asian cuisine to make pickles or achar. The distinctive flavors and fragrances that contribute to the pickling process come from different spices, herbs, and other natural substances.

Q: Are the achar essences you sell natural and free of additives?

A: All of our achar essences are manufactured from natural ingredients and are devoid of additives, preservatives, and synthetic flavors. We take pride in providing our consumers with high-quality goods that are delicious and healthful.

Q: Can I make other foods besides pickles with your achar essence?

A: You may use our achar essence to give a variety of meals a South Asian flavor. You can add it in soups or stews, as a marinade for meats, or as a flavor for stir-fries or roasted vegetables.

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Al Riyan Perfume Attar Jamid Cream - For Skin Moisture and Day Long Fragrance
Al Riyan Perfume Attar Jamid Cream - For Skin Moisture and Day Long Fragrance Rs.500
/products/al-riyan-perfume-cream Al Riyan Perfume Attar Jamid Cream - For Skin Moisture and Day Long Fragrance Rs.500

Al Riyan Perfume Cream pamper your skin with floral bouquet enhanced with incense.

Beautifully Fragrant

Long Lasting


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Almond Oil Sweet
Almond Oil Sweet Rs.235
/products/almond-oil Almond Oil Sweet Rs.235 Experience the nourishing effects of Almond Oil Sweet! Packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, this opulent oil deeply hydrates and repairs skin and hair, helping to create thicker, healthier locks and a youthful, radiant appearance. With regular use, Almond Oil Sweet nourishes your natural beauty, adds a lustrous sheen, and alleviates irritation and inflammation. Show off your stunning look! 43225113592057 1