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Why Beard Doesn't Grow on Cheeks? Here are the Solutions! – SAC Herbal

Why Beard Doesn't Grow on Cheeks? Here are the Solutions!

August 17, 2022

Growing Beard also encounters many problems that need to be solved to grow a healthier and thicker beard. Patchy hair growth is a common problem that most men face while trying to grow a beard. Growing hair on the chin and the area surrounding the upper and lower lip is a lot easier as compared to growing hair on the cheeks.
The problem arises when your goal is to grow a full beard. Then you may be wondering what measures you should adopt while growing a fuller beard from cheeks to chin to upper lips. Your genetics are the main factors that resist you from growing a full beard. Although, there are still a number of ways through which you can maximize the chances of your Beard appearing thicker and fuller than before.

Stages of Beard Growth

Beard hair starts growing out during late puberty. As an adult, if you are considering changing your facial hair fashion from clean-shaven to a thick beard, then calm down and be patient, as this process requires a lot of dedication.
Beard growth involves a 4 stage procedure to grow from nothing to a fully grown masculine beard. The initial stages give you just a little pack of hair, while the final stages give thick and strong hair that adds a smart and bold element to your style.
Let's discuss the 4 stages that lead you to a fully grown beard:

Stage – 1

When you start with a clean shaven face, you will get a little stubble on your beard area after a few days.. A little hair can be seen on the jawline, upper lips, and sideburns. This little hair growth is known as the 5 o'clock shadow. Although, not much growth is witnessed during the first week except for little shades.
These little hair growths also bring beard itch, which is obviously unpleasant and requires hygiene. . You'll even witness small and light growth patterns during the first week. You'll either see good growth of beard hair in the mustache and goatee areas or on your cheeks and the neck.

Stage – 2

The actual growth of your beard starts here at stage 2. Now, it will start becoming clear where most of your hair growth is concentrated. The current Beard is called the patchy Beard, which doesn't look good on your persona, but it is a mandatory stage you must pass while wishing to grow a fuller beard.
While you're at Stage Two of beard growth, you may be starting to see patchiness in some areas. This is normal, and with time and care, your beard will even out. In the meantime,se a good quality beard oil to keep your skin healthy.

Stage – 3

Now comes stage 3 of beard growth! This stage is accompanied by a month-long beard that can be regarded as a full beard. Until now, you have passed through most of the patchiness and itchiness that are a part of this dedicated process of growing a full and masculine beard.
Significant hair growth there can be observed in the mustache area at this stage by using a beard comb and other beard products.

Stage – 4

At the four to the six-month mark, you should have a beard that's filling in nicely. By this point, you should have a good idea of how your beard is going to look and be comfortable with it. However, your beard will now need more care than ever before.
You may find stray hair popping up or pointing the opposite way from the rest of your stubble. . Keep up with your regular grooming routine and pay close attention to any problem areas. With a little extra care, you can keep your beard looking great for months to come!

Tips to Grow a Thicker Beard

1. Take Care Of Your Skin
Buy a decent face wash to take care of your skin and make sure to keep it clean. Use mild warm water while washing your face. Using mild-warm water will open the pores of your facial skin. The face wash will help you get rid of all the oil and dirt that your skin has collected over time.

Pro Tip: Using a derma roller on your facial skin will do instant magic. Derma roller produces a micro-needling phenomenon that promotes better and faster beard hair growth.

2. Manage Your Diet Increasing vitamins and supplements in your diet will help you grow your beard better. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables & high in protein diet, gives you better facial hair. The nutrients that fresh fruits and vegetables provide to your body will undoubtedly accelerate the rate of hair growth.
Consuming good quality nutrients will make your skin appear fresher and eliminate your skin's wear and tear. Thus, the health of your beard hair will see an improvement and will grow in a much better way.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water Drinking loads of water results in a healthier body, and a healthy body grows a healthy beard. One should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to have the beard you desire. Water also balances the temperature of your body and gives you the ideal temperature required to enhance the rate of beard growth.

4. Get Enough Sleep Giving your body a substantial amount of rest increases the production of growth hormones, which eventually helps in better beard hair growth. Sleeping restores and re-energizes your body which provides enough stamina for the growth of a healthier and fuller beard.

5. Avoid Trimming
Avoid trimming your beard. In order to have a fuller and thicker beard, avoid doing anything to your beard. Please leave it to itself for at least six weeks; only then you will see significant results. No scientific evidence is available saying that pruning or shaping your beard will make beard hair grow thicker.

6. Stress is not Good
Stress is not suitable for your beard growth. If you are always under stress, it causes a sudden release of harmful hormones, which directly influences testosterone levels in your body. It means your blood will lack nutrients while reaching the beard hair follicles. This slows down the growth of beard hair. So, avoiding stress is the path toward a healthy beard.

Pro Tip: Shaping the edges of your beard will help it appear thicker. Take help from an expert barber for this instead of doing it yourself to reduce the chances of error.

7. Use The Right Products
Adopting the right shampoo, conditioner, and after-shower beard oil guarantees success in achieving a thicker beard. Using a good quality beard oil reduces beard itch, helps prevent beard dandruff, and makes your beard appear thicker. Healthy-looking beard appears thicker & fuller and helps in achieving your goal quickly.